Xev Bellringer - Nurses Ball Draining Treatment

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Description: You have been committed to a mental hospital and the head doctors have determined that your mental illness is partially due to a hormone imbalance, specifically high testosterone levels. They decided to run an experiment to test the effectiveness of this treatment and tasked Nurse Bellringer with administering a daily physical stimulation of your penis with the goal of helping you ejaculate and regulate your hormones. Today is the first day of your therapy. Eager to please, Nurse Bellringer realizes that you will need more than a simple handjob and opens her blouse to reveal her full bosom. Very professionally, the good nurse suggests oral stimulation as well. Her warm, wet lips wrapped around your stiff cock is enough to make you cum hard into her mouth. The semen overflows around your shaft and Nurse Bellringer collects some to analyze at the lab. You look forward to this new scheduled treatment every day.
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