Amiee Cambridge - Exterminating The Vermin

Duration: 10:34 Views: 1.2K Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Ewe what is that crawling around down there? Gross its a little man, I thought the exterminator got rid of all your kind. So nasty your kind are like vermin such a nuisance to a goddess such as myself. I guess ill just have to compress you myself. But I wont dare ruin my new heels soles with the stain you will make. Im going to compress you with my hosed foot smooshing you into the fabric and into my toes. Huh why arent you running for your life? Are you not scared varmint? Now this is to amusing a varmint that has a foot fetish and actually wants to be turned into a stain by my mighty foot. Fine seeing how you are so bold ill let you worship your god before I end you
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Models: Amiee Cambridge