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Description: I'm sitting on my knees, in front of you, camera (pov), so you can see my legs. I look at you with the bowl of applesauce, and a spoon saying "It’s time for your din din baby”, “You must be hungry”. So I scope the food and bring the spoon as close as possible to the camera and say all kind of baby talk, trying to feed you. You do not want to take it, no matter how close I bring it to your mouth and moving your head left, right. I then do the airplane and the cho cho train, which you still don't open my mouth. I call another mom and say ""hey Jenny, My boy doesn’t want to to eat, how do you deal with your fussy boy?” “Oh aha oh (evil laughter) so I have to hold him down and coerce feed him? Oh pinch his nose? (Laughing).“ Then I change position, camera above me, me facing the camera still sitting on my knees. I'm gonna take Teddy bear laughingly telling him “It’s time for some num num feeding baby, and mommy will be using some tricks.” I open my legs, stretched out, placing teddy on my left thigh and put the other thigh over his arms and body, sort of scissoring him. Mocking him by saying stuff like “There you go baby, you are locked between mommy thighs and u can’t do anything about it, now I am going to feed you properly” “The airplane again open up for mommy, oh u wont ok now I am going to pinch ur nose, you gotta breath, yes yes yes there you go, laughing." Doing this 2-3 times. Laughingly doing another hold but sitting on teddyl chest while trapping his head between my thighs, pinching the nose from above his head my forearm rest on his forehead and pinching the nose. Last hold would be my legs stretched out, placing baby on his back his head on my crotch his arms under my thighs, again nose pinched and cho cho train in. KEYWORDS : abdl, age play, fetish, baby talk, feeding, feed, food play, wife milf, stepmom, mom, mommy, momma's boy, taboo, roleplay, big tits, big boobs, cleavage, POV, brunette, voyeur, amateur, homemade, meganlive, megan live, immeganlive
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