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Description: PRE-WORKOUT SMOOTH TITJOB As I'm about to head out to go jogging (Grey sports bra on, some exercise shorts and my hair pulled back (pony tail)), I see my boyfriend sitting at the kitchen table. I come over to him and tell him I want some sexy time when I get back from my run. He's excited and asks for a preview of what's to come! I let him grope my boobs a little with the top still on. He starts grabbing over the material a little, then under. Eventually pull the material down under the boobs to expose them. As the groping continues, I notice he's hard. This isn't just a preview anymore! I lay him down on the table and I remain standing(Boobs out above top) I give him that BJ he clearly wants, right now to get him really hard. Then I titfuck him, allowing him to slide under the material to titfuck my exposed tits. I tell him I'm feeling naughty and I want to try something. I stop abruptly, take a small step back and slowly put the bra on normally. He asks why I stopped, and I tell him that I want to do my run with cum soaked tits. I tell him the bra needs to stay on to catch as much cum as possible! From here, I titfuck him to completion! KEYWORDS: roleplay, POV, big tits, big boobs, clothed tittyfuck, titty fuck, tittyfuck, tittyfucking, titty fucking, tittyfucked, titty fucked, titjob, cum on tits, pony tail, workout clothes, moaning, cumshot, blowjob, bj, amateur. cleavage, big loads, gopro, oil, dirty talk, tit worship, tattoo, assisted masturbation, titty bouncing, tank top, sports bra, meganlive, megan live, immeganlive
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