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Description: Yes, you've heard it. Nurses are working extra shifts every week and can't keep up. I made a mistake with my patient last week, I guess I was too tired with the extra hours. He was sick and I tried to help him with his headache. I was on my way to give another patient his Viagra prescription and kind of mixed both! So when I came back to check on my sick patient, he had is huge hard cock out and rock solid pointing north! That is when I realized what kind of mistake I made! I knew that I could get fired for this and didn't want anybody to see his boner! I had to fix this. I offered him to take care of it and showed him my cleavage. It didn't even take a minute and he literally came on my face! I was happy that it didn't last long, but his cock was still hard!! So I told him that I would be helping him just for a bit with my hand. It was getting pretty hot in there so I got rid of my top...this would help him out for sure to get off faster. Indeed! He came again on my face super fast! But guess what!? His dick was STILL HARD! I didn't know what to do! I gave him a titjob with my big tits. Then what? Maybe use my mouth? (Secretly this is the one thing I love the most in this world...suck a cock). I started to suck him off, getting real slutty and sloppy on him. I completely lost control, I was overwhelmed with pleasure, aheago all the way, eyes crossing, tongue out and moaning. He came again! But I didn't have enough! I wanted more cum on my face, so I completely got rid of my nurse outfit and sucked him off until he gave me his biggest load covering my whole face! Phew! I think I managed to fix my mistake pretty well! KEYWORDS: Ahegao, Costume, outfit, Nurse play, Medical, Cosplay, Role Play, Roleplay, Doctor Games, Medical Fetish, Medical Clinic, viagra, Fantasy, Huge Boobs, Huge Tits, Big Boobs, Big Tits, Cleavage, POV, cumshot, big loads, amateur, stockings, heels, dirty, talk, moaning, squirting dildo, pov, pull faces, silly faces, tongue fetish, eyes crossed, eye crossing, eye fetish, cum on face, facial, facialized, cum in mouth, blowjob, bj, beautiful agony, sloppy, assisted masturbation, femdom, drooling, saliva play, wet & Messy, submissive sluts, cumslut, big dicks, titty fuck, tittyfuck, titjob, titty bouncing, tittyfucking, titty fucking, tittyfucked, titty fucked, bouncing boobs, tit worship, huge tits, meganlive, megan live, immeganlive
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