ImMeganLive - BUST A NUT JOI

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Description: Your need to bust a nut is so powerful you can't sit straight no more. You want to cum so bad. You don't have time to wait, you need a quickie right now. You will follow Megan's jerking instructions and cum so hard for her. Today you're lucky, you get to see her tits as a bonus! "Optional" in the video, if you really want to try something new, you can always fuck your pee hole for me, only if you're up for it, otherwise, ignore that short part and build up all that cum for me to make a mess! Oh, did I forget to mention that you’re going to ruin your orgasm for me ? HOW? When you are about to cum, put your thumb real hard on your peephole while you cum…when you’re done, remove it and feel all the pressure release! Look at all that cum, you should eat it all, don’t you think? Get ready! KEYWORDS: JOI, JOE, CEi, CEE, RUINED ORGASM, RUIN, RUINING, masturbate, masturbation, cum in your mouth, jerk off instructions, cum eating instructions, sounding, penis plug, peehole, Urethra, Urethral Dilator, odd insertions, Stretching, glasses, countdown, dirty talk, domination, handjob, jerking, stroking, moaning, dildo, topless, femdom, meganlive, megan live, immeganlive
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