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Description: I stand there and tell you about how I know you've been smelling my dirty panties after long days when I walk around and my vagina and ass gets all dirty and sweaty. Teasing you and slowly peeling down my panties so my pussy is exposed and leave the panties like that. I rub my finger slowly up my slit and smell it. I keep asking you if you want to smell it, and tell you how much it stinks and how strong it smells because I'm ovulating. Do you like the way my French vagina looks? Do you want to smell this French whore’s warm fertile pussy? Then I pull my panties up and spread my ass with panties still on and say "Do you want me to spread my dirty ass for you? My smelly French ass. Then I slowly peel them down again and spread my ass as I look back at you holding it open. Then I say "Do you want to smell the ass of this beautiful French woman? This beautiful French bitch” “Oh you like that? you like when I call myself nasty words? I can see it made your cock grow...well...since you like when I call myself nasty words, let me show you what a foul mouthed French bitch I can be...what a dirty mouthed French cunt I can be...that's right I know you like when I call myself a cunt...I’m going to be a nasty French cunt for you, and you are going to smell the ass and pussy of this French cunt while she sucks the cum out of your cock" I then give you a blowjob with heavy verbal teasing self-degrading talk, passionate bj, strong eye contact. Super slow and passionate blowjob with moaning and heavy breathing and licking, but also at times intense with some gagging whenever I feel like it. Then some implied doggystyle, dirty talk about anal, verbal degrading talk. Talking about my smelly ass and pussy, during the ass fucking doggystyle, asking you if you can smell it and the panties, and tell you how I've been farting in my panties and if you like the smell. Including talk about how fertile I am, saying things in English and French. Back to bj for degrading bj to jerking off into my mouth while I talk dirty with the same degrading talk. Finishing with a bj with the same style talk, but keeping it very intense and seductive, jerking you off into my mouth while I say all the similar talk holding eye contact at all times. (Cum visible leaking out of mouth). KEYWORDS: self-degradation, self-degrading, degradation, slut, nasty words, foul mouth, verbal humiliation, Impregnation Fantasy, breed, breeding, impregnate, pregnant, knocked up, fertile, sperm donation, sperm sample, ovulating, dirty talk, smelling panties, sniffing panties, dirty panties, sweaty, big tits, big boobs, French, French accent, POV, virtual sex, fucking, ass shaking, doggy, doggystyle, anal, handjob, blowjob, cum in mouth, cim, eye contact, deepthroat, gagging, spitting, moaning, stockings, suspenders, lingerie, amateur, homemade, megan live, meganlive, immeganlive
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