Melody Marks and Rachael Cavalli - A Love Story pt. 2 - AllHerLuv

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Description: oelle (Melody Marks) washes up in the bathroom and then runs off, wrapped in a towel and finds her new stepmom and stepsister Katie (Rachael Cavalli and Kenna James) as Rachael tells Katie that she needs to give her more time because it is hard adjusting to new people. Katie also talks about how no one considered how she'd feel about her mom getting remarried and playing housewife and new mommy while they both finish getting dressed. Joelle looks on from the shadows then runs off and is confronted by Katie who thinks she has been in the bathroom this entire time, telling her that she needs to learn to share if she is going to live there and suggests she can go live in the streets if she doesn't like it there. Joelle then goes off to cry when Rachael comes by to talk to her. Rachael tells her that she does think that she and Katie would get along if they got to know each other. Rachael then tells that she understands what she is going through and thinks she is brave for saying she needs help with this. A slow seduction begins as they bond and start getting touchy-feely with each other until they begin to kiss. Soft, sensual and of varying lengths as they both take turns fondling and licking the others breasts. Rachael then has Melody lie back so she can slowly and deliberately eat her out as she tries to wiggle away from the pleasure as she also dirty talk. They trade spots as Melody takes on the challenge and goes at it with gusto as Rachael coos. They then lock up and trib, pushing their clits and bushes together until passionately kissing again while locking eyes.
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