Natashas Bedroom - Purely Disgusting Toilet Tasks

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Description: This clip is almost unspeakably disgusting. All the toilet tasks you've completed for me until now were just practice for this: the main event. You'll need: a plate, a bowl, a funnel (you can make your own! I'll tell you how), along with a bladder and bowels that are ready to explode. I'm going to get so creative and so gross today. We start out with a little bit of piss play. Some golden wet fun. You'll be playing with it, completing all the creatively nasty ideas I come up with. We won't use it all at once, though. It's a key ingredient in the cocktail of filth that you'll be enjoying later on. What's even better than enjoying your pee? Some play. Playing with that dirty asshole, and making a big mess. You'll be eating and smearing and mixing your with that piss. Of course, you'll have to save some for later. It's another important ingredient for our dirty cocktail. Just when you think things can't get more disgusting, I take this toilet session to the next level. Nervous? Does this one go past your limits? That's ok. Do it anyway. I'll work you up to this point and make sure you comply, my filthy little toilet boy. You're so turned on by all this dirty play that you just need to explode. And you will. You'll cum hard for me in the filthiest way possible. Are we going to waste that cum? Not a chance
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