MySweetApple - Hotel Room Sex in Berlin

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Description: Blowjob Blowjob Cowgirl Cum On Tits Cunnilingus Doggystyle Paolo was seeing the amazing city of Berlin from the hotel window, and I could not resist jumping over him. I kiss his lips while I ride him and rub my horny pussy on his crotch. Paolo starts sucking my tits, and I take off my shirt. While I’m on top of him, I can feel his warm and soft skin. My pussy starts searching for his dick. He fingers me, touches my ass and spanks me. I go doggy style; he moves my red thong and starts sucking my ass. I’m enjoying this so much. I start doing an upside-down blowjob and sucking his balls. Paolo masturbates me. I’m so hungry for his dick. He fucks my face, but I need to feel his hard dick inside me. I ride him, and we start fucking. His hands are on my ass, leading the rhythm. At this moment, you get a Paolo POV of my tits. It’s my time to lead now. I sit on his dick. I start rubbing my clit and nipples, searching for pleasure while I jump over and over again on his dick. I want it all inside. When he fucks my pussy from behind, you can see my face stuck to the window. Paolo fucks me harder. I feel his dick so deep inside me that I can’t resist anymore. I cum loudly. Now, I want his warm cum all over my hard nipples. The perfect ending for a window fuck.
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