Xev Bellringer - Seductive Spy Extracts All Your Secrets

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Description: Well, well, well. Look who's in control now, grinding away against your aching crotch. You're far too naive for a secret agent... letting an enemy spy get close, letting your guard down, letting that spy wrap her thick legs around you. You thought you were being so careful frisking me... And you actually believed I chose you for anything but your extreme desperation for a woman's touch. I read your dossier. Abstinent for years... that agency runs you pretty hard, don't they. But they haven't trained you to resist invasive telepathy. These gloves give me to power to read your mind. All I have to do is touch your face like this and I have easy access to all of your agency's top secret information. Plans, account numbers, hide outs... all of that data in your head will belong to me. Oh that's cute, you're trying to resist my extraction. Luckily for me, I know exactly what will distract a pathetically horny man like you. Oooh yes... doesn't it feel sooo good when I rub against you, my legs squeezing, my big bosom heaving. You can't resist my charms... my voluptuous body... my pulsating, orgasmic movements. Just try to lock me out of your mind, agent 006. I dare you. With each attempt, I'll just grind my body against your throbbing crotch that much harder, that much faster... until I drain you of every last secret. Fantasy includes: female domination, mind fuck, espionage, virtual frisking, virtual grinding, dirty talk, mind reading, mocking, moaning, cleavage, corset, gloves, pov
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