Xev Bellringer - Boss Makes Me Shower And Masturbate

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Description: 1080p) Once we got back to the hotel room after meeting with important clients, my pervert boss made me take a shower in my high heels and micro bikini. He threatened me with termination again! As soon as I began to soap up my body, my boss took his cock out and just started stroking it - I think he enjoyed watching me struggle to contain myself in the skimpy bathing suit. Eventually he ordered me to take it all off, just like before , and rub myself to orgasm. That bastard. I begged him not to make me; it would be the end of my marriage if my husband were to find out. None of that mattered to my boss though. He insisted that I cum for him right then and there, in my heels, soaking wet! After my numbingly intense climax, he told me to get out of the shower and lay on the bed still dripping, denying me a towel. It was an odd request, but I was feeling pretty good at that point so I agreed to spread my legs. My boss handed me a dildo and insisted that I penetrate my tingling pussy. I knew it'd be very unprofessional to proceed, but it was so exciting! I fucked myself while he poured water all over my naked body, keeping my skin glistening and wet. The toy wasn't enough to satisfy me though. Watching him stroke his throbbing cock right in front of me made me want the real thing. So I begged for him to fuck me. Fantasy includes: stripping, embarrassed naked female, bikini, shower, high heels, orgasm, dildo fucking, virtual sex, simulated cumshot, boss/employee, blackmail, water play, pov, glasses
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