Cadence Lux And Kenna James - Who's Your Daddy? pt.5 - MissaX

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Description: Kenna James and Cadence Lux join forces for a threesome with reluctant stepfather, Chad White, creampie.

Submission. It's a word that hasn't been in Cadence's vocabulary, but now that Kenna doesn't want to share her stepdaddy, she feels the cold truth of submission. She's always thought she wanted a strong man to make her feel feminine and vulnerable, and a sweet woman, Kenna, to be at her beck and call. Her wish has come true and shown itself to be a curse. Kenna has some newfound confidence, she's peeling away from her. Chad and Kenna are closer than ever, and Cadence has become the third wheel, just like an orphan looking into a warm cabin, in some Charles Dickens scene, where her face is dirty, her barefeet stand in the cold, as she watches the happy family sit down at their dining table for a Holiday feast. There's a pang in her stomach, she knows this feeling all too well.. she's hit bottom, she's got to do something. She'll either be kicked out cold, or she'll get what she wants, she's just desperate enough to take the chance.
Watch the story unfold..
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