Kira Noir and Kenzie Reeves - Three Cheers for Satan - BurningAngel

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Description: Ass Blonde Boobs - Natural Brunette Horror Interracial Masturbation Petite Skirts Tattoos Winner - Best Action Thriller, AVN 2020Nominated - Best Art Direction, AVN 2020Nominated - Best Director - Comedic Production: Joanna Angel, AVN 2020Nominated - Best Makeup, AVN 2020Nominated - Comedy Movie of the Year, XBIZ 2020Nominated - Best Art Direction, XBIZ 2020Nominated - Best Special Effects, XBIZ 2020Nominated - Best Music, XBIZ 2020It's 2019 and Jane Wilde is tidying up her place when, without warning, her eyeball falls out of her head! Not AGAIN! Jane sighs, picking it up and popping it back into her eye socket. Just then, Jane's friend Tommy Pistol walks into the room. Tommy fancies himself an amateur warlock and is there to babysit for Jane. Jane's appreciative, saying that she would never be able to afford to go back to school if she had to pay for a babysitter too. Tommy clearly has a thing for Jane, telling her that he would do ANYTHING for her...although, why isn't her HUSBAND babysitting?Probably because at that moment, Jane's photographer husband, Kyle Mason, is across town doing a photoshoot with Kira Noir and Kenzie Reeves. The girls are decked out in their cheerleader uniforms and flaunting their tight bodies for the camera. Suddenly, to everyone's horror, half of the skin on Kenzie's face comes sliding off, falling to the floor! As Kira helps a frantic Kenzie re-apply her face, she tells Jane that this kind of thing has been happening a lot to her lately too. Why NOW?! Kenzie asks.Kira responds that their bodies are falling apart because their contract with the devil is coming due, reminding Kenzie that after 20 years, they have to sacrifice a virgin to keep their eternal beauty. But NEITHER one of them knows any virgins. Although...Jane is going back to school for computer science...she HAS to know a virgin!When Kyle mentions that he can't wait to post the photos he took, the girls realize that they CAN'T let him do that, since it would give away their secret. Thinking fast, they offer to help him shoot something...DIFFERENT, something that's guaranteed to go viral.Kyle can't resist and has Kira bend over. Kenzie buries her face in Kira's tight pussy. At the same time, Kyle slips Kenzie's panties off and starts to tongue her little clit.These girls will do ANYTHING to keep their infernal beauty secrets...
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