Korina Kova - you watch me than I drain you

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Description: Korina you are so sexy and cute. Your body is amazing and your smile drives me crazy. I would like the video to be solo POV (role play) with a cum shot at the end, I want you to enjoy making this I hope you cum hard. The Scenerio, "We are together I come home and catch you in the middle of you working out using your pole. Your in yoga pants or shorts with no panties whatever you feel like, either way I know your ass is going to look amazing and something that makes your tits look so good. I stand there watching until you see me and you tell me to sit down and watch while you finish. You get so turned on while dancing and you can see how hard my cock is getting. We both want each other and you come over and slide my pants off good thing I'm wearing sweatpants :)). You start stroking my cock, sucking it and titty fucking it until you decide you just want it inside of you. You want it from hard from behind and it feels so good nice and deep. Its hot and its time you control my cock so you get on top and start riding me with you tits bouncing in my face, it feels so good as you grind my cock in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl. I want all your cum dripping down my cock then pull it out to suck on it until in your mouth but theres so much it drips out of your mouth down your chest . I want this to be dirty, sexy and hot" I would also like you to use my name Bret. Thank You Korina
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