Lilly James - When Dad Is Away - MissaX

Duration: 40:22 Views: 210K Submitted: 12 months ago
Description: Juan Loco is the aggressor in this MissaX story of faux incest, wrapping his stepmom Lilly James around his little finger, not to mention his big dick.
No time for gradual seduction: the horny teen makes a bee-line for mama right from the outset, making hay while his pops is away vacationing with his buddies. MILF Lilly, looking mighty fine as she approaches the status of being a quinquagenarian, gives slight resistance as her hubby on the phone gets cuckolded.
Replete with a more realistic creampie climax than usual, this is basic taboo entertainment with plenty of "Mommy loves you" dirty talk to keep the fans satisfied.
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Models: Lilly James