Lissie Belle - Musical Breathplay 420 JOI

Duration: 16:24 Views: 1.4K Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: Hey there! wanna get baked and release those tight pants? I have a fun game for us to play! I'm going to dance, and I'm going to magically strip out of my clothes every time a piece of clothing comes off you must take a huge hit, and you will hold it in for 6 seconds, also during my dance I will signal for you to take another hit, and you will hold it for as long as I'm shaking my ass, the speed you will jerk off too will be the music tempo, if the music speeds up so will you, and when my ass goes crazy shaking... you will go hard at god mode speed on that dick, are the rules understood? Let the dancing begin!
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Models: Lissie Belle