Kylie Rocket - May I Cum Daddy - MissaX

Duration: 46:47 Views: 53K Submitted: 2 months ago
Description: Kylie Rocket and Ryan Driller are a perfect couple in this MissaX light romance in the faux incest genre. Fans have been clamoring for this type of fare, and director Craven Moorehead does a fine job piloting the duo from Missa's screenplay.
It takes a bit of coaxing, but Kylie the stepdaughter will not be denied. Veteran porn star Driller as her stepdaddy is quite convincing, and drolly amusing, in his slow acquiescence routine, when in fact the vignette conforms to the currently popular female submission theme, which has caught on in both porn and mainstream venues in the wake of the "50 Shades" books' success.
While not outright comedy, the show's light touch plus Kylie's enthusiasm result in a tongue-in-cheek crowd-pleaser.
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Models: Kylie Rocket