Audrey Madison - Cleansing - MissaX

Duration: 44:44 Views: 93K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: After recently featuring a wonderful new starlet Bunny Madison, Missa X presents a brand-new MILF Audrey Madison, giving an excellent performance in this faux incest drama.
Her acting sets a serious tone, sustained throughout the vignette by director Ricky Greenwood. Scripter Maddy Burton has a story of a stepmom returning to her former home to clean it up after hubby has sold the place (they moved away some time ago, leaving it empty). She's reunited with her stepson Michael (Nathan Bronson) who she hasn't seen in a couple of years.
Mom and son are brought back together by happenstance, and bearing guilty memories of their having a sexual tryst way back when, she rejects his amorous advances. But when noises at night spook her in the old house, she phones him to keep her company, and accedes to his sexual urges.
Resulting sex scene is hot, and Audrey really convinces us of her pent-up passion. She has a natural look and appeal, refreshing amidst the growing list of bombastic MILF actresses who have become so popular in porn of late.
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