Sloansmoans - welcome home, my sailor 4K

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Description: Watch as you just got home after a long deployment. I bring you a beverage and ask if you need anything else but instead you look me up and down and admire me. You tell me that you really love my dress and I shyly and sweetly spin around and pose for you. I tell you that I wanted to dress in something especially sexy for you and I admit that I got some judgy looks from the other navy wives at the pier. I continue to show off my outfit as you tell me that I was the best looking girl there and that the other women were probably giving me dirty looks because all the other sailors were looking at me. I giggle at your complicated and pick up your empty glass and offer you another. When I come back with another beverage in hand, I’m in very revealing lingerie. I say “welcome home, honey” and begin to tease you with my body as I tell you how much I’ve missed you. I spin around and pose in front of you before finally getting on my knees in front of you. I slowly unzip your pants and your cock breaks free. You are so hard and excited for me, I tell you that I almost forgot how big you were. I being to kiss, lick, and worship your cock. I tell you how much I’ve been dreaming for this day and how all I want is to satisfy my sailor. After several minutes I tell you that I want to continue to show you how much I’ve missed you. I ask you to lay back and relax as I take my panties off. I then straddle you and guide your cock into my wet, warm pussy. I ride you sensually and can’t help but become completely undone. I service my service member and once we’ve finished together I tell you that I can’t wait for YOU to show ME how much you’ve missed me… enjoy me, xo GFE/SENSUAL/DILDO SUCKING/POV SEX/MILITARY/DEPLOYMENT/ROLE PLAY
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