Sloansmoans - watching mommy pee 4K

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Description: I come home from having lunch and am so desperate to pee! I go to your, my son’s, room and let you know I’m home and ask if I can use your bathrom because I dont think I’ll make it to mine. You say yes and I start unzipping my shorts and running over to the bathroom. I have to go so bad, I dont even think to close the door! I take a (real) pee with the door wide open and after I wipe I see you watching me. I’m startled and i scold you immediately as I pick my shorts up. I tell you how wrong it is to be watching your mother piss and tell you not to let it happen again. You seem to understand so I go back into the bathroom to wash my hands and shower. As I wash my hands I give you a full view of my legs and feet, wearing my black sandal wedges. I even flex my calves a bit. Once I finish I strip out of my clothes, glasses, watch, sandals and am sure to give you a nice view of my ass. I get into the shower. Once i finish I climb out and dry myself, put my watch and wedges back on and am so desperate to pee again that I end up standing over the toilet and (real) peeing for an insanely long time! I sigh and moan in relief. Once I finish I look up and realize that there is a hidden camera in the bathroom! I’m furious. I rip it off the wall and go banging on your door. I can’t believe that’s how badly you want to watch your mother piss! (both pee’s are 100% real.) enjoy me, xo TABOO/ MOMMY ROLE PLAY/LEG FETISH/FOOT FETISH/SANDALS/CALVES/PEE/STRIPTEASE/PEE FETISH/HIDDEN CAM
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