Sloansmoans - Q&A: shrunken men and barefeet

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Description: Watch as casually and informally answer questions about living in a female-led world were women are given the power to shrink men down to an itty bitty size and women have the ability to stop and stomp these shrunken men as often as they please.

Here are a few questions I answer candidly as I sit with my feet propped up and fully in focus for your enjoyment as I chat with you:

Is this new world something I would vote and opt for?

How would this change how I interact with men and how they would interact with me?

Can I imagine stepping on a man I’ve Shrunk? Would I enjoy it?

Should it be a woman’s right to choose whether to tread on any man?

If I found myself alone with a shrunken man and I had never flattened one before, would I be tempted to do so when no one was looking?

Can I imagine reaching a point at which I could flatten a man without caring or feeling bad?

I describe in detail what it would be like for me to stomp and what it would be like for the man to be stomped on.

I close the video by sharing more about my feet. : )

Enjoy me, xo
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