Sydney Harwin - Unplanned Fuck With Mom

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Description: Your mom gets a phone call from her friend inviting her to a work party taking place next saturday night. She is initially upset because she doesn't have anybody to go with. Your father left home a few years ago, leaving your beautiful mom alone. She is worried that her colleagues will make fun of her and whisper behind her back if she doesn't turn up on the arm of a man. Her work friends are all married to successful men, and she doesn't want to stand all by herself all night with nobody to dance with. But then she has an idea! Why don't YOU, her loving son, go with her and PRETEND THAT YOU ARE HER TOYBOY?! Her colleagues would be soooo jealous if they thought she was dating a guy half her age, and so you agree to accompany your mother to the work party. *Scene Two* You watch as your mother picks out a dress on the evening of the party. She moans at you for not getting ready fast enough ("Go put a decent shirt on, son, we are going to be late!") but you are too busy watching her gorgeous body squeezing into that little tight blue dress. Your mom is excited to be seen with you at the party and tells you to give her your coat at the end of the night, so her friends will see how much of a true gentleman you are. *Scene Three* You and your mom both stumble back into the house, tipsy and laughing. She jokes that she appreciates the realism of you playing her boyfriend , but did you really need to squeeze her ass that hard? Your mother takes off her heels and puts her arms around you, the two of you giggling like school friends. You both sway together, getting closer. Your mother can't think straight, but you know exactly what you are doing. You know exactly what you want. Suddenly, you are both kissing and you fall to the floor in a moment of passion. Your mom quickly lifts her dress up and before you know it, she is filled with your dick.
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