Sydney Harwin - Mom Can Be Sexy Too

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Description: You have always found your mom very attractive, and today, on her birthday, you give her a present that you just can't wait to see her in: A yellow lace lingerie set! When your mom opens it, she admits that she is very confused as to why any son would think it would be an appropriate present for his mother! You are embarrassed and tell her you think she'll look great in it, and guilt trip her into putting it on just to see how she feels wearing it. When your mom walks back into the room wearing her new sexy panty set, you can't help but notice she is now wearing bright red lipstick and has a different air about her. You tell her she looks incredible, but your mom seems to have changed... she is touching her body and feeling the fabric of the lingerie and tells you thank you over and over again. She says that wearing this sexy outfit has awakened something inside of her, and she has never felt sexier. Your mom asks you if you'd like her to say thank you properly... and starts to deepthroat your cock like a giddy school girl. Showing off her body to you, she pulls her panties to the side and rubs her pussy up and down your face, before climbing on your hard dick and fucking you until you cum deep inside your mommas tight cunt...
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