Sydney Harwin - Inseminating Mom

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Description: You promised your mom that on the day of her next ovulation, you would inseminate her with your seed, all behind your dads back. Your mother had nobody else to ask, and she desperately wants a baby. You said you would keep inseminating your mom until you are successful at getting her pregnant. This evening, your mom comes to you with the good news that she is ovulating RIGHT NOW, but she is so nervous that you are afraid that she'll change her mind. She lubes up your cock and pushes the tip inside her. She wanted to be on top so that she could set the rhythm. She jerks you off with her hand, but you have this uncontrollable urge to fuck her now. You tell her its not working for you and there is no way you'll cum with her just using her hand like that, so she agrees to fuck you in order to pump your cum into her. She tells herself this is purely for impregnation, and you both shouldn't enjoy it... but after a few seconds of riding your big dick, your mom is moaning and saying that she hopes she DOESN'T get pregnant this time around, just so that she gets to fuck you again!
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