Reagan Foxx - Come Home pt. 1 - MissaX

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Description: Marie (Laney Grey) is out with her husband, Michael (Codey Steele) for their anniversary. Marie is doing an excellent job of keeping her composure even though her relationship with Michael has been strained lately, so much so that she entertained the interests of a personal trainer from her gym, John (Nathan Bronson). She doesn't realize quite yet that John is also working as a bartender in the restaurant that she's sharing a romantic dinner with her husband! Two weeks ago she called John to tell him it's off, but yet, he still stares at her from a distance. His eyes burning with envy that the girl of his dreams is with her husband.
Marie's mother, Sophia (Reagan Foxx), is constantly meddling in her life. Marie keeps her mother at a distance when she's going through an uncertain time; Sophia always uses Marie's distress as a means to manipulate her daughter. Marie hasn't been answering Sophia's phone calls and so Sophia has a new plan to get in touch with Marie. Sophia visits Marie's assistant's home, a handsome young man named Cody (Jason Pierce). Cody is a good, married man, but Sophia knows all the right buttons to push to get what she wants from him. "You need a woman to mother you," Sophia purrs. Jason melts in Sophia's gaze, and she knows she can get to Marie with Jason's help.
Watch the story unfold..
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