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Description: It was the day before my birthday when i got home from school and found my super sexy mom Carmela doing the dishes. We made small talk and she asked if i was excited about my birthday tomorrow, i said of course i was especially since my dad was going to be home from his work trip. she got a sad look on her face but said it would be great if he came home but she was happy to spend my birthday with me if i wanted. i told her i did and then said i was going to play video games before dinner. when i came down later i found Carmela sipping on a glass of something and looking really upset. i asked her what was wrong and she told me my dad was having an affair with his assistant and he wouldn’t be home for my birthday. i was mad but i could tell Carmela was feeling worse so i hugged her and told her i was happy to at least spend my birthday with her. i opened my eyes the next morning and found Carmela in a rad bath robe shaking my leg and saying my name. i said good morning and asked what she was doing in my room. she told me she wanted to get even with my dad and give me the best birthday ever and she thought she could do both at the same time. she dropped her robe and was wearing some sexy red lingerie then she started a slow strip tease and once she was naked it got even more amazing. she crawled up on to the bed between my legs and started sucking my cock! we spent the rest of my birthday fucking each others brains out! This clip is called Birthday Morning Surprise From My mom, this series stars Carmela Clutch
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