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Description: My dad had been working a lot more lately and my mom invited me to workout with her in our home gym in the garage. after a few days of working out i complained about how hot it was in the garage and Sheena agreed. she smiled and asked if she could tell me a secret, she said when it was her and my dad working out they would both be nude. i was pretty turned on by the idea of her working out naked and before i realized what i was saying i just it. i told her if she wanted to workout with less clothing or even naked i was fine with it! she smiled and thanked me. the next day we were working out she complained about it being super hot and i reminded her about what i had said yesterday and she got a big smile then stripped to her bra and panties and continued with the workout. the next day after we finished our workout and with her wearing her bra and panties i complained about how sore i was. she mentioned that normally after she worked out with my dad they would hit the showers and the take turns giving each other massages. she said she would be down for that if i was and i eagerly agreed! first i rubbed down her naked body then she put on a sexy silk robe and rubbed mine. I’m pretty sure she saw my dick poking out from under the towel a few times, i cant wait for out next workout and massage together. This is part 1 of moms After Workout Massage, this series stars Sheena Ryder
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