jaybbgirl - The Slutty Babysitter

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Description: Oh hey, I didn't know you'd be here. Didn't you have a party? Your little brother is in bed and your parents won't be home for about 30 minutes. Wh-why are you home so soon? I mean it doesn't matter. It's your house. Just caught me off guard is all. Got a little worried someone might be breaking in or something. Oh this? Yeah, I took your sweater - I got cold. And that's also why I'm not wearing pants, I was cold....Alright. I lied. I'm sorry. I took your sweat because - I was masturbating while smelling it. It smells like you and it turns me on. There. I was touching myself right before you walked in. I'm still extremely horny... Do you want to fuck me? I've never been more sure of anything. It'll be fine. Your brothers in bed and your parents will be home later. Please. I need your cock. I've craved it for so long.
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