Syren De Mer - Craving Her Son - PrimalsTabooSex

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Description: Syren and her step-son stop to stay at a hotel on her way back from picking him up from college. She's suppose to be dropping him off at his step-dad's house, but it's a long trip, so they spend the night together. Unfortunately, the hotel only has one bed in the room they're sharing. Napping together, Syren wakes up and looks over to see Kyle's cock is hard as a rock! She starts to crave it, knowing it's wrong, but unable to control her craving for him. Syren brings Kyle to his step-dad's house, but he isn't home. After the night they had, he can't just let her leave. As she says she's going, he grabs her arm and pulls her back. Even though Syren is hesitant knowing this is wrong, she can't help but indulge in her craving for her step-son one more time.
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