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Description: This Format is Optimal for File Size/Quality. Cherie has a male friend over when her step-son furiously storms in and throws him out. He is the man of the house and no other guy can be there, let alone be part of her life. He pins her against the wall and pulls her dress down, exposing her big sexy tits that are only his. Cherie complies with her aggressive step-son and tells him that he is the only man of the house and she belongs to him. Cherie's step-son completely dominates her and she does whatever he tells her to do and lets him do whatever he wants to her. He makes her take out his dick, suck it and choke on it. Then he fucks her up against the wall while choking her, before cumming inside of her and watching his cum drip out of his step-mommy's pussy. He says, "Thanks for the talk, step-mom. Sorry for yelling at you earlier. I just thought I was the only one." Cherie is taking off her sexy high heels when her step-son confronts her about where she was. She nervously tells him that she was at work but he knows better because she's wearing perfume and her nice shoes. She obviously didn't learn her lesson because she isn't allowed to go out and see other men. He says, "You know what happens when you fucking disobey me? You get fucking punished!" Cherie appeases him and tells her little boy to suck on step-mommy's titties, and says, "Step-Mommy makes mistakes, step-mommy can be so dumb sometimes." All her angry step-son knows is that step-mommy better fucking take care of him. After he fucks her hard and cums all over her face, he asks if she is going to go make him a sandwich.
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