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Description: This Format is Optimal for File Size/Quality. Tyler is completely resting in his room she his Step-Mom crawls into bed. He wakes up to find her in the sexiest Lingerie. He is confused but she explains she just can't rest. Tyler is trying not to stare at his moms barely covered tits and tries to go back to rest, but his step-mom announces she can't rest unless she masturbates. he gets really uncomfortable and his step-mom tells stop acting like a little boy, and he can close his eyes if he wants too. She slips her panties off, and then slips her hands under to covers, finding her sons huge cock waiting for her. Step-Mom explains that they could always help each other out, after all he isn't too old to need a little help form step-mom... Step-Mom Comes Home from Happy Hour - Tyler is waiting up for his step-mom Cherie. She comes in (not quite stumbling) and starts talking about what a lame night out she had. She is really annoyed at how boring the men were and how she didn't' get enough attention. Cherie sits down next to her step-son, clearly showing she isn't wearing panties and asking how anyone could not give her attention. She pulls her top down showing she isn't even wearing a bra. "It's like I should be a sex magnet" step-mom says. She needs to feel sexy and pulls Tylers face down to her wet pussy. Happy hour has made Cherie aggressive and she tells her step-son what she wants. Tyler is sitting on the bed watching his step-mom get ready for her date with his step-dad. After all, they have both been lonely since the split. She has Tyler help her pick out a dress, but then starts telling him how he has been doing such a great job with everything around the house, and, she could teach him how to take care of EVERYTHING... If she has him, she doesn't even need to bother with his step-dad.
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