PuppyGirlfriend - Babe Is Punished And Subdued For You

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Description: Do you want to punish and humiliate me? If you degrade me, I like it even more. Use my open mouth for your pleasure, fuck it while it's open with the retractor, so I can only swallow your hard dick while I drool everywhere. Let me ride, please! Do you feel like my big ass jumps on you while I tremble for pleasure? I'm your slut, Daddy. You can do what you want with me, fuck me in front of the mirror, to show me how slutty I am! And how about cum on my sweet face and tongue while I have my mouth open? I know you like it so much! TW: BDSM, spit and drooling play, mirror fuck, spider-gag mouth fuck and cowgirl ride!
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