The MANDINGO Club - Ms Secrets Little Secret

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Description: So this was a culmination of a week-long worth of texting back and forth, getting each other riled up. This is one of those pure raw lust videos, as you will see. Ms Secrets and Flash link up, take it to the bedroom, and that's where things unfold. Ms Secrets has a very tight pussy and fat pussy lips which Flash can't contain himself from eating out. Things start out with Flash going down on Ms Secrets, making her feel the wrath of his tongue as he dives into her beautiful pussy like it was the Last Supper! They switch it up, and Ms Secrets shows some love to Flash's 11-inch BBC. Spitting and Gagging on it, Ms Secrets makes it known that she's eager to feel all eleven inches deep in her. After a very sloppy BJ, Flash flips Ms Secrets over and slowly starts fucking her, before building up the crescendo with an intense fuck session. This is one of those situations where the passion was raw and intense, such that there was no real editing here. Just check out the scene, you'll see what we mean. They went at it, as though the camera was not present. They forgot all about the filming and went at it like a couple truly in lust for each other. Ms Secrets gets fucked every which way by Flash, culminating in him cumming all over her stomach and mouth after pulling out and Ms Secrets made sure she swallowed the cum in her mouth, while playing with the cum on her stomach. Truly an awesome scene! A must watch!
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