PsilocybinSkye - Blackmailed by Daughters Friend | Custom

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Description: I’m just waiting around for Katie to get out of the shower after school. I’m thinking... That... this is the perfect opportunity to live out my fantasy! You see... I’ve always wanted to fuck Katie’s dad... He’s super hot and I know he has a really big dick. I’ve noticed his hard dick through his pants so many times... I might not have another opportunity like this, since I’ll be going off to college soon... Ok! I’m going to do it! I walk into the room he’s in and lay down, making sure to flash my panties with my skirt. He freaks out seeing my panties and I apologize and pull my panties to the side, hoping this will make it impossible for him to resist me. Hehe, buuut he’s freaking out even more! Ugh, I only have one choice left! I have to blackmail him into fucking me. I tell him that if he doesn’t fuck me I’ll have to tell Katie and my parents that... You decided to come onto me hehe. Yeah, I’ll tell them you tried to intimidate me into sucking you off. You know how wrong it is, and how much this could ruin you if anyone found out that you did, but I can tell you’re not far away from breaking. I decide to tell you that since you aren’t ready to fuck me yet, that I want you to lick my sweaty holes clean hehe. I’ve watched it a ton in porn with dads fucking young little sluts hehe. The idea of you tonguing my asshole and pussy clean is sooo hot! But, even after that you are still hesitant to fuck me! Ugh! I can’t resist your big dick I get down on the floor and start sucking you off, and in a last ditch effort, I confess that I know how wrong this is but I know that you really want this. You want this just as much as I do. This FINALLY convinces you and you pound my tight little young pussy until you fill it to the brim with your cum. You watch your cum drip out of my pussy, down over my tight tongue-cleaned asshole while I finger my messy cum filled pussy. Until, we hear Katie is getting out of the shower c: Tags: psilocybinskye, POV, blowjob, sucking, cum play, daddy, dirty talk, taboo, dad, friend, petite, teen, pawg, booty, big boobs, close up, ass licking, cream pie.
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