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Description: Here are a pair of siblings with quite different personalities: Carrie (Aubree Valentine) is bubbly and oh-so-expressive, doting on her stepbrother Joey (Max Fills), while he is uptight and straitlaced, more interested in studying than listening to her prattle on about her new boyfriend.

She likes to flatter stepbro, calling him "intriguing and mysterious". But she has a favor to ask: she needs his opinion on which dress looks best on her, to impress her new beau, coming over to visit that night. Sitting on her bed he's bored by the fashion show, but strangely attracted to her underwear left at the foot of the bed. Carrie's shapely butt is also of interest, but Joey manages to keep his natural impulses in check.

As she flirts with him, presenting her new red dress, "Do I look irresistible?", she asks, "You look great Carrie, but I'm just here to check out the clothes. I don't want to upset your boyfriend", he replies shyly. "Well, what if I told you I didn't have a boyfriend?", she says coyly. "I don't like being lied to, Carrie", he states. "Isn't it a little bit of fun?", she says with a big smile. But Joey doesn't see it that way, and makes a hasty exit.

He arrives home late that night, and is accosted at the door by Carrie, who's been waiting up for him. She drags him to the bedroom and insists he check out one last dress, supposedly designed to impress "her boyfriend". While she heads for the bathroom to try it on, Max can't resist grabbing her discarded panties to check them out and give them a little sniff. Carrie catches him, and won't let bro off the hook.

"Parisian Passion?", she asks. "Huh?", Joey responds. "My panties. Do they smell like my perfume?", she wonders, teasing him. Joey becomes more and more uptight, and tries to leave, but she sits him back down on her bed, declaring: "There's something I've always wanted to tell you. I kind of find you terribly irresistible. What if we made a bet or a little challenge or something?"

She suggests a game similar to Truth or Dare: exchanging secrets and having the other person do what one asks. They tell about little misdeeds, and then Carrie forfeits, so Joey can command her to do something. He asks her to cook him dinner, hardly an exciting choice. She's disappointed, and takes the rebuff to her flirting personally. "Do you hate me?", she asks, after confessing to having a crush on him. Joey tries to reassure her, taking her hands in his he declares: "Carrie, you have to believe me. You're beautiful".

Impulsively, Carrie kisses him on the lips. "I just wanted you to think I'm special", she says. "You are special", Joey replies and kisses her. Carrie's hand wanders down to stroke his crotch. "You don't have to resist anymore -you know this is what you want", she whispers. As they both begin breathing heavily, Joey murmurs: "I've always wanted to kiss my sister". Things escalate as he unzips her dress and then sucks at her nipples. Fondling her alluring behind, he really gets turned on and begins slapping her perfectly shaped ass. Watch the taboo scene of pent-up lust unfold...
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