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Description: Blowjob Cowgirl Cum Eating Full Hd Hardcore Piercing Shaved Pussy Shoes Small Boobs Tattoos Teen Young Straight-A student Kate Quinn has always been too busy to have any interest in men. At least until her college hired a handsome new professor. Kate cannot concentrate on her studies because she keeps having naughty thoughts about him. Knowing she cannot go on this way, Kate sets up a private tutoring session at her professor’s home. They set up a session in his home while his wife is away. While the professor left the room to have a break, Kate finds a box of sexy clothes. Kate quickly changes from her conservative school uniform into the brightly colored stockings, high heels, and fishnet accessories. When the professor returns to the room he is shocked. Sweet and innocent Kate is wearing the slutty clothes his wife saves for special occasions. He should be angry but has another idea. If she wants to dress like a slut, she needs to be treated like one. She can’t believe how big his cock is. Her lips barely make it around the throbbing head and she desperately tries to hide the fact that she has never sucked one in her life. He doesn’t go easy on her, fucking her throat while she does what she can to keep him happy. Her transformation from good girl to slut is complete when he rams his throbbing dick into her wet pussy from behind. She is not the first student he has ever fucked, but she is by far the most unexpected tart he’s ever had. It feels so good that she never wants it to stop, but he pulls out of her pussy and surprises her by shoving it back into her mouth. Before she knows what is happening, he shoots a big load all over her tongue. She swallows everything and knows it is not the last time she will be her professor’s dirty little slut.
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