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Description: Stepdaughter, Scarlett Sage, writing in her diary, recounts how she persisted in trying to seduce her new stepfather (Chad White), taking it as a challenge. All her flirting came to nought, but she decided to escalate, and recalls her progress starting with Seduction Attempt #24.

One night, she goes into dad's bedroom while he's sleeping and slips under the covers next to Chad and begins fondling him, but when he wakes up and thinks it's her mom, he's shocked at seeing Scarlett. #25 is no better, as she's coldly rebuffed when she tries to share the bathroom with him one morning.

Their cheerful banter together hides the odd couple's true feelings, coming to a head but Scarlett realizes that her aggressive approach doesn't work, so she tries a new tack. "I'll let him think he's in charge -that he's the big strong man, and I'm a fragile flower, waiting to be rescued", she concludes. Scarlett fakes a crying jag, and Chad comes to her bedroom to see what's the matter. "I'm just ugly! Why don't guys like me?", she exclaims, and daddy tries to reassure her. His heart aches to see her unhappy, and how wrong she is. He has always felt she was beautiful, sexy even. He wonders to himself, is it wrong to think that of her? Yes, she is sexy, her sex appeal is getting more and more evident with each passing day. Scarlett looks into his eyes, she purrs with youthful seduction, "show me what men want."

Scarlett continues to seduce her moral and strong stepfather. "I trust you daddy. I want you to be my first. Show me how to make love, daddy", she asks. He reluctantly agrees, as long as they keep it their secret. After kissing Scarlett, he says: "Let me see you". Chad helps her undress, and then kisses her nipples and her neck romantically. He unzips her jeans and kisses her all over her body. When he drops his shorts, Scarlett exclaims: "It 's so big!" Watch the taboo scene unfold...
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