Angelika Grays and Shona River - Delicious Desire Episode 1 - VivThomas

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Description: Cute brunette Leria Glow is preparing breakfast for herself and her roommates, as episode one of Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian series "Delicious Desire" begins. She’s joined by sexy Shona River and then her gorgeous girlfriend Angelika Grays, who struggles to keep a straight face when Shona starts flashing her pussy. Leria is oblivious to her friends' flirting, even when Angelika pretends to pick up some dropped cutlery so she can lick Shona’s pussy under the table. Shona goes to answer her phone and Angelika follows her out of the room, hanging up the call and grabbing her lover for a passionate kiss. She sucks Shona’s nipples hungrily, then kneels to eat her pussy again, driving her wild. Smiling naughtily, the girls saunter back to the table to continue their breakfast, but as soon as Leria goes to take a shower they start kissing again, and Angelika licks Shona to the intense orgasm she’s been craving. Now Angelika leans against the table and Shona kisses a trail from her perky breasts to her shaved pussy, lapping at her puffy clit skilfully. Angelika sinks into a chair, legs spread wide, and Shona continues the oral onslaught, giving her a climax that’s made even more overwhelming by the need to keep quiet.
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