Rachel Steele - MILF1832 - The Inheritance Test

Duration: 47:09 Views: 46K Submitted: 3 months ago
Description: Rachel’s husband has passed away and his 500 million dollar trust is up for grabs between Rachel and her step-son. So the late Mr. Bellows has come up with a contest for all of his assets. Knowing how Rachel has always had her eye on the young step-son and Vice versa how his Step Son had eyes of lust for Rachel, he devised a contest for his money. Rachel had 48 hours to get the step-son into their bedroom and have wild sex with him. The challenge for the horny womanizing step-son, resist Rachel’s overtures for 48 hours. The catch, both must stay in the house and the same room as the other and so the clock starts now!
Models: Rachel Steele