Lory Lace - Championship Season Finding Johnnys Mojo Part 1 - TabooHeat

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Description: Mojo Step Sisters-

Lory and Cory are wearing matching uniforms that consist of hot pink shorts and black shirts. They are standing next to each other in the gym, talking about how much they love their job! It doesn't take long before Cory lifts up her step-sister's shirt and she begins to lick and suck on her nipples. Cory pulls her shorts down next, and then she bends over in the doggystyle position for Lory to eat her ass from behind. Cory sits down on the weight bench and Lory continues to eat her pussy out until she cums hard! Then, Cory pulls Lory's shorts down next so the two MILF's can switch places! Cory licks her step-sister's nipples before she slowly makes her way down to her pussy. After Lory cums in Cory's mouth, the two MILF's sit down next to each other on the weight bench. They each rub each other's clits with their fingers, and then they move into the scissor position. They grind their clits back and forth on each other until they both cum again!
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