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Description: Big Boobs Blonde Latina Shaved Pussy Carlita Ray came to the USA just a year ago, and she’s only been in one porn scene before today. Something tells me, though, that this girl’s going to go far. “I’m horny 24 hours a day,” the stunning Latina told me. “In the shower. In the car. At the church.” With a giggle, she added, “I get horny. Sometimes the pastor is hot!” With a body count of “like a thousand” and a body that makes me believe it, Carlita was practically made for this business. “I am multi-orgasmic,” she bragged in that sexy Colombian accent. “I can have a hundred orgasms in a day. Thank you, Jesus!” Naturally, I wanted to see this magic in action. Carlita pulled out her tits, licked her fingers and started stroking. “Just looking at you makes me feel so horny,” she said, humping her hand harder and harder. Fingers inside, she begged, “You should come here. Help me with the goal.” Carlita squealed with delight as she unveiled my cock. “Thank you, baby, I love it!” She licked it and went deep immediately, gagging up some lube before sucking on my balls. Carlita looked at me with lust in her eyes and touched herself as blew me. “That’s why I love America!” We moved to the couch, where Carlita started bouncing on my dick backwards, working her pelvis while her titties jiggled. Her heavy breathing and oh-faces turned to straight up screams of pleasure. Talking dirty en español, she put her hands on the floor and bounced her ass on my pole. The neighbors definitely heard us as I stood Carlita up and kept banging her from behind. Squealing, moaning and screaming, she put my hands on her tits and petted her kitty. Again, she put her hands on the floor, backing her ass up while she did downward dog on my hog. She climbed back onto my lap, tits in my face this time while she slammed that big, beautiful booty down on me. Carlita was in the perfect position to flip her upside down and start piledriving without breaking the seal. She licked her lips and screamed while I used her pretty feet as handles and did squats into her twat. The devil must have been working through my dick because Carlita ended up rolling around on the floor, screaming in ecstasy. I held her down for some prone bone, that big ass jiggling as I nailed her. “Fuck me please!” I put my official Porn Dude Casting pillow (available in the PornDudeShop) over her head in a vain attempt to muffle the screams. Carlita kept squeezing that pillow as I got her on the edge of the couch for some doggystyle. Butt shaking as it smacked against me, she begged, “Cum inside of me!” Then she turned around and tasted her pussy juice on my dick, sucking it clean and lubing it back up with spit. I pulled her to the edge of the couch. On her back with her legs in the air, Carlita screamed as I stuck it in and rubbed her clit as I smashed. I smacked her, choked her and fucked her hard while she pleaded for my sperm. Pretzeled in half, she opened her mouth while I held her down and came all over her lovely mug. “Porn Dude is the best!” Jizz-faced and giggling, Carlita blew a kiss and shared a few final words for the fans.
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