Madam Samantha - Addiction Therapist-Fantasy - edging (small)

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Description: Custom:As your Therapist-Fantasy , my methods are unconventional . As I get you to sit down I Expose-Fantasy your leg fetish as my own personal joke , before you know it you're being bribed for my own amusement , I slip off my pantyhose and flats and change in to my louboutins with my tanned , long and perfect legs . Instantly you are weak . Its time to play the edging game . Im going to prolong your suffering and increase the ecstasy of the end result so you slip back in to your addiction with me as the object of your desires , no one will make you feel like this outside of femdom , the world which you try to escape, seeking solace in a Therapist-Fantasy was meant to help , your addiction is well and truly back and I am your new Deity.
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