Pink Drip - Fuck a Fan

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Description: We finally found a perfect time to video chat! I'm so excited I almost start touching myself right away while talking about how I wish you were here. All of a sudden you end the call leaving me to my own devices. I'm pretty bummed but still pretty horny, so I use a couple toys on myself while moaning and calling out for you. Then it happens! You come bursting through my door, I'm in shock but I'm so happy to see you and to finally have the chance to fuck you for REAL!! I start by sucking your cock, you're in disbelief at what's happening but I tell you you have nothing to worry about, this is going to be the best day of your year! I beg you to fill my pussy, starting in missionary you make me cum! No one has made me cum like that before! Lots of riding and doggy later I beg to be filled with your cum. I want to make this as memorable as possible so why would I want you to pull out? I've only used fake cum in the videos you've I need the real thing!
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