Harlow Harrison - Harlow Harrison Ass Work Out - Analized

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Description: Anal Ass Brunette Facial Gaping Pornstar Rimming Tattoos Having a thick body is really nice to see. But if the woman who has one gets insecure, they work their fat asses off to lose some weight. James Deen watches Harlow Harrison as she tries to get fit. Fortunately, James has some other kind of workout for her. Whether it’s gonna be beneficial or not for Harlow, it won’t really matter as it’s gonna feel real good. When Harlow is done with her set, she comes over to James to start another workout. James gives Harlow and her tits some nice smooches. This went to light teasing into something rough. As expected of James. He turned her to face the other way and starts holding her by the neck. Eventually, she was dragged around to bend over while standing up. James buries his face as he tries to wet her ass hole before pounding it hard. But before that, he roughs up Harlow for a little while. He made her kneel again and suck his dick again but with an additional treatment. He places his hand over her neck and slaps her from time to time. When they’re both ready, he bent her over again starts fucking her from behind while still handling her by the throat. He drags her as he sit down on the treadmill. She goes on top while still being fucked in the ass. He pinned Harlow against the wall afterwards and starts making her mouth as another fuck hole then he resumed fucking her again by making her ride it for the last time. They were so wild that they ended up lying down beside each other, making James fuck Harlow sideways. He bends her over and finally, on her back on the floor to end this madness. When he was ready to cum, Harlow kneels down and made her catch all the cum from his fat cock.
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