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Description: Lesbian Step Sister Warm Up-
Nikki Brooks is working out in her home gym, when a portal opens up! Cory Chase walks through the portal and tells Nikki that she has to come with her to save the world! They walk through the portal together and enter the Multi MILFverse! Cory lets Nikki know that in this universe, she is not as rich as she is in the regular world. Unfortunately, she is middle class in the Multi MILFverse and Nikki is not too happy about that! Cory asks Nikki if she wants to fuck her in this universe. Nikki is eager to fuck Cory in this universe! Cory takes off her white coat, and Nikki pushes her down onto the bed. Cory pulls her big tits out from under her turquoise bra. Nikki pulls her step-sister's panties off and she starts to eat her step-sister's pussy out! She keeps going down on her until she cums hard in her mouth! After Cory has an orgasm, she starts to finger fuck Nikki's pussy while Nikki licks Cory's nipples. Cory wants to return the favor, so Nikki lies down on her back and spreads her legs for Cory. Cory begins to lick and suck on her step-sister's clit until she cums as well! After they've both had their first orgasm, Cory gets on top of Nikki and she starts to scissor her! The two MILF's start to moan louder and louder until they both have another orgasm. Cory informs Nikki that after Nikki fucks me, her step-son Luke Longly, then she will be allowed to go back to the regular universe! Oh and there is one more thing... I have to cum on her face!

Stretching Out-
I walk into the living room to find my step-mom, Nikki, stretching in the living room. She stands up and pulls her sports bra off, and exposes her big tits to me! I notice that her tits have tan lines and I ask her if I'm allowed to touch them. She pulls her shorts off too, since she knows that her goal in this universe is to fuck me and get a facial! She gets down on her knees and she starts to give me a blowjob. After my cock is hard, she sits down on the couch and I start to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. I keep fucking her tight MILF pussy for a few minutes, and then we decide that we want to finish fucking in the shower, so we walk over to the bathroom...

Train Dirty Shower Clean-
Nikki walks into the bathroom and she heads straight towards the shower! She sits down by the sink and she starts to take off her heels, and take off her bathrobe. She steps into the shower and she lets the water run down her tan skin. After my step-mom is clean, I hand her a towel to help her dry off. She gets down on her knees and she starts to give me a sloppy blowjob! Once I am hard, she stands up and she starts to fuck my cock in the doggystyle position. I end up busting my load deep inside of her pussy! Now she has to hop back in the shower to clean my cream off of her!

Protein Shake-
Nikki is sitting on the bed as I walk into the room. She pulls her panties off, while she's in the doggystyle position, so I can see her pussy and her ass hole! Then she crawls over towards me, and she starts to suck my cock. Then she lies down on her back and I fuck her pussy in the missionary position. She knows that she needs to swallow my cum, in order to get back to the regular universe and leave the Multi MILFverse! I keep fucking her tight pussy until I am ready to cum. Then, I jerk my cock off all over her face and in her mouth! Nikki is excited because now she knows she can go back home to her regular universe!
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