Janet Mason - Mrs. Masons Red Light Therapy Vol 8-2

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Description: This volume of “Mrs. Mason’s Red Light Therapy” is the second half of a 2-part nasty taboo role play session featuring Tyler. Tyler, like me, is so deeply into taboo fantasy role play that we simply can’t get enough of it, and we both wanted more after an “official” taboo scene we shot on this particular evening of April 29, 2021. As always, we kiss passionately, caress each other’s bodies, suck and fuck and even “make love” while deep in taboo fantasy mindset, Tyler making me come twice before he fills “Mommy’s” womb with a huge, messy load of “stepson-seed”. For this volume of the series, hubby let us fuck alone in the bedroom with a camera set up in the corner of the ceiling for a true “fly on the wall” viewpoint as he worked in the office, looking over the footage from the official shoot with Tyler we’d just wrapped.

 Part 2 is, of course, from the same evening but is shot from a different camera angle (directly in front of the bed this time), you'll see and hear me turn on the camera and thank hubby for "leaving Tyler in charge" while he was out of town that night, the camera is a bit closer, the audio/dialogue is even LOUDER - and, last but not least, you get to see the POV footage of the sloppy creampie that I took on my phone as I tell Tyler that "I'm going it to show your Dad" later!
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