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Description: They wear those ass hugging shorts that are so tight that the bottom of their butt cheeks hang out and just scream to be grabbed! And you can imagine how tight that butthole must feel wrapped around your cock! Watch as four lucky older men get the ultimate prize...tight, teen asshole! John is caught off guard as Penelope arousingly hints that maybe he should fuck HER. After all, she is young and hot and... very eager. John hesitates- she's his best friend's teen and this would be a huge breach of trust. At the same time, maybe she needs a good fucking to help her put some effort into her college applications. Prince jokes that if he finds Maya in his bed, she may very well get fucked. To his surprise, Maya seems very into this idea. This changes everything, and Prince admits that he's been very interested in 'tapping that ass' for quite some time. They can't resist any longer, and Maya gives Prince a sloppy blowjob, followed by Prince flipping her over for some raunchy sex and amazing, tight anal. Madison then arrives for a meeting about the job, and is surprised to find out that her parent won't be joining them for the meeting. Seth claims it's because he'll be able to judge her character better without the parent there. He then says that he wants to give her a special gift, which turns out to be... his dick! Evan goes around the house, and luckily the backdoor is unlocked, so he can finally enter. As he searches the home for the leaf blower, he stumbles across Penelope taking a bath. She is surprised to see him, and he explains that he's looking for the leaf blower. She says that her parents probably locked it in the closet, which means Evan won't be able to use it right now. Since Evan can't do the yard work at the moment, he offers to be helpful in another way, telling Penelope he can scrub her back. She accepts.
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