Sloansmoans - role play roulette: saving our marriage

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Description: Do you really think this will save our marriage? No, I won't say anything, honey. It's just that I've never done anything like this before... you want me to be your... mommy? Okay, I'll try. I'm reluctant and a bit awkward at first, but I get the hang of it quickly. Do you like kissing mommy? Do you want mommy to cum on your tongue? After you make me cum I have a confession. I'm cum dru*nk but I have to admit that I too have a naughty fetish... I want you to be... Daddy. Will you let me call you daddy as you fuck me? Fuck me Daddy, until you fill me with your cum. Yeah, just like that! You cum inside me and then I ask you to play along with one more fetish... you agree. I can't believe you came inside me you disgusting pervert. My own brother came inside me! Eat my pussy filled cum so I don't get pregnant you sick fuck! I can't help but cum again as you do... wow, honey. I think this really did save our marriage... enjoy me, xo TABOO/WIFE ROLE PLAY/MARRIAGE/ROLE PLAY/MOMMY ROLE PLAY/MOMMY DOMME/PUSSY EATING/ DADDY'S GIRL/DILDO FUCKING/BROTHER AND SISTER/CREAMPIE/CEI/HUMILIATION
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