Sloansmoans - secretary gets away with it

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Description: CUSTOM FOR PHILIP: Watch as you discover that your new secretary has been stealing money from your company. Only you have this information so you decide to confront her after everyone else at the office leaves. You bring her into your office and tell her that she needs to return the money and that you will be reporting this to police. She deny this with conviction. She gets heated and upset at the idea that you’d accuse her of such a thing. She tells you that a goddess like her has no business stealing money. She says that she’ll be suing you for false accusation and that you can’t possible have proof of this. You are taken aback by how dominating she is. She keeps pushing her story that she didn’t take the money. She asks you if you want to be a good boy for her. How it would make her so happy if you became her good boy boss. However, to her surprise, you don’t budge. You tell her that you’re going to call the police now. She then changes her tactics. She becomes apologetic and admits that she did steal the money. She tells you how sorry she is and that she’ll repay the money. This makes her a bit nervous and thirsty so she asks for a sip of water. She “accidentally” spills on her top. She decides to take it off and you come to find that she’s completely naked underneath. You tell her it’s inappropriate for her to be topless and she agrees so she starts drying herself with a towel. But you become transfixed by the glory of her naked tits. She asks what you think of them and you replay that they are amazing. She sees how you’ve reacted and she’s pleased by your answer. She starts calling you her “good boy”. She teases you with her tits and body and then tells you that you won’t be calling the police because she’s going to return the money. After seeing her body you can’t help but agree. She is so thankful that the police won’t be involved that she must express her gratitude to you. Before you say anything else she gets close to you and starts kissing you gently and sweetly. You ask her to stop but she refuses. She claims that this is the way she expresses her thankfulness. You tell her that you’re married but she doesn’t budge. She claims that these kisses are platonic and that you’re not cheating on your wife. She notices that she may have “wet you’ right on your crotch with the water she spilled and she gets the towel and starts rubbing your cock though your pants. You tell her nothings there but she insists on continuing to rub and she kisses you more to keep you quiet. She can tell you’re enjoying this and she has a great idea. She tells you that you won’t be firing her. She tells you that you will agree that you were mistaken about the money. She tells you that you’ll be forgetting about this whole thing. You’ll be moving her desk into your office so she can ‘express her gratitude” to you every single day. You agree without hesitation because you’re so turned on and you’re about to cum. She can tell that you’re on the brink of summing and all of a sudden she stops rubbing. She pulls back knowing exactly what she’s doing- leaving you hard without release. She puts her top back on it looks like she’s about to kiss you again but instead she tells you that she’ll be seeing you tomorrow and she gets up to leave… enjoy me, xo BLACKMAIL/HOMEWRECKER/ROLE PLAY/POV/SECRETARY
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